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First Tesla Post on Blogger

I started the blog I’m Getting a Tesla about a year ago now and really love writing on it – although I haven’t done much writing there lately because all of my sites have been attacked by hackers.  It really sucks – sucks time, sucks money and worst of all it sucks A LOT of energy.

Since I have continually been screwed up by the hack attack on many different servers, I’m toying with the idea of moving ALL (at least most) of my blogs here to Google.

Afterall, Blogger is owned by Google.  How can I lose?  (Do not answer that and forget that I ever asked).

I'm Getting A Tesla Tesla Motors Club

TMC Connect, the Official Conference of Tesla Motors Club To Be held in Santa Clara, CA, July 10-12

TMC Connect

TMC Connect is Less Than a Month Away!

TMC Connect, the official conference ofTesla Motors Club (to be held in Santa Clara, CA, July 10-12) is less than a month away!
TMC Connect has announced some of their speakers for TMC Connect 2015.  Ricardo Reyes, Tesla Motors Vice President of Global Communications will be joining us, as well as a panel of Tesla engineers working on vehicle production, Autopilot, and Tesla Energy.
In addition, Ashlee Vance, author of the biography Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, will be participating in a Q&A led by Chelsea Sexton, star of Who Killed the Electric Car and consulting producer of Revenge of the Electric Car.  Look for updates on the forum and the event website as we finalize additional speakers.
Please note that early-bird pricing will be ending this Friday at 4PM PDT and our hotel group rate will no longer be guaranteed after Thursday evening, so if you haven’t already done so, please go ahead and register for the event and book your hotel if needed.
I'm Getting A Tesla Plug In America

Plug In America Announces Nation’s First Analysis of Electric Vehicle Promotional Efforts in the U.S.

Plug In America recently unveiled a new landmark study on efforts underway to accelerate the growth of the plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market in the U.S.
“The Promotion of Electric Vehicles in the United States — A Landscape Assessment” delivers 11 key findings followed by recommendations Plug In America believes will stimulate PEV market growth.
Over 300,000 PEVs are now on America’s roads. Nearly 120,000 of those were delivered to new owners in 2014. Efforts to boost sales have become increasingly important given the vehicles’ clean air benefits and potential for eliminating the use of petroleum and other fossil fuels in personal transportation.
Focusing on the years since the latest round of PEVs were reintroduced in the U.S. in 2011, the new study by Plug In America reveals a national market that, despite deep fragmentation, shows a number of encouraging signs for future growth. During 2014, researchers assessed overall promotional efforts for the cars by interviewing key stakeholders across industry, government and allied organizations. Perhaps most dramatically, the composite view of the market that emerges points the way toward the discontinued use of petroleum for personal-vehicle propulsion in the U.S. over the next 25 years.
“The U.S. stands at the crossroads of the largest technology in personal transportation in its history,” says principal researcher Kirk Brown, Plug In America’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “The question ahead is how do we capture this early market growth and deliver the benefits of these vehicles to all consumers, everywhere.”
The Plug In America analysis includes a comprehensive range of actions to further expand the market. Despite the compelling impact that PEVs can have on reducing or eliminating transportation pollution, the report reveals that inconsistent governmental policies form a patchwork quilt across the country. Automakers have created over two dozen PEV models, yet only a few are actually available for purchase by consumers in all 50 states.
“Consumers simply cannot fathom why the electric vehicle they’re most interested in is not available at a dealership in their home state,” says the report’s senior editor Dan Davids, Plug In America’s chair. “Our report shows that only six manufacturers collectively deliver well over 90 percent of these vehicles.”
To access Plug In America’s report, click here. Plug In America will host a webinar to discuss the report findings and recommendations on June 4, 2015. Registration details will soon be posted here.
About Plug In America: Plug In America, a San Francisco-based national nonprofit organization, works to accelerate the shift to plug-in vehicles powered by clean, affordable, domestic electricity to reduce our nation’s dependence on petroleum and improve the global environment. The organization conceived National Drive Electric Week (formerly National Plug In Day) and has advanced workplace charging by pioneering regular ride-and-drive events at leading corporations.
I'm Getting A Tesla Tesla Energy Tesla Powerwall

Elon Musk Introduces Tesla Energy and the Tesla Powerwall

Here is a great video of Elon making the Tesla announcement regarding the Tesla Powerwall and Tesla Energy.  I believe these will be initially produced at the Tesla Factory in Fremont for a bit and then at the Tesla Gigafactory that is being built outside of Reno Nevada once it is open.

Will you be buying the Tesla Powerwall?  What would it feel like to be off the electrical grid?
I'm Getting A Tesla

Announcing America’s Greenest Cities Tour 2015

This summer of 2015, we will be organizing the first ever America’s Greenest Cities Tour.  America’s Greenest Cities Tour is designed to spotlight the greenest City or Town in each state and province in North America and then rate them with a poll of the people.  We will be looking at different aspects of green and sustainable living including electric vehicles, public charging stations, solar power, recycling, walkability, public transit, sustainable building, and green friendly governmental policies.
Starting this month, we will be accepting nominations for the Greenest Cities in North America.  Any City or Town can be nominated, and those cities or towns who are deemed “The Greenest” in their respective states and provinces by June 1st, will be visited and featured on this summer’s America’s Greenest Cities Tour.  Our blended family of four will be touring around North America via electric vehicle, visiting the Greenest City of each state and province and reporting on and promoting their green features.  Each stop will be covered via YouTube videos, blog posts and lots and lots of social media updates and promotion.
We expect that each city or town will have it’s own unique green and sustainable features, that other’s around the world can learn and benefit from.  Our ultimate goal is to help advance awareness and use of electric vehicles, solar power and all other tools and techniques in the quest to live green and sustainable lives and save our Mother Earth.
To help make this tour a reality, we are going to need a lot of help and are looking for local, national and international sponsors, partners and media partners.  We will definitely need an Electric Vehicle Manufacturer, green hotel chain and other corporate sponsorships.  If you are interested in partnering with us and supporting America’s Greenest Cities Tour, please contact us.
I'm Getting A Tesla Susan McHenry Tesla Hawaii

Our Visit to Tesla Motors Hawaii Showroom and Service Center

Yesterday we visited Tesla Motor’s Hawaii showroom and service center in anticipation of Tesla’s big announcement about the Model S P85D.
We were fortunate enough to meet Tesla’s Hawaii Sales Manager Susan McHenry, who was kind enough to show us around, show us the Model S P85 they had on the showroom floor and talk to us about many things Tesla.
Although Susan did not yet have details on what the announcement would be, we were excited to hear any and all things she could share with us about Tesla Motors and Tesla Hawaii.
Mahalo for your time yesterday Susan – I hope that we can keep in touch.
(hopefully I will be able to dig up the photos, but they disappeared after my Tesla wordpress site was hacked.)
I'm Getting A Tesla Internet Marketers

Latest Fantastic Tesla Plan – Internet Marketing All-Stars Make It Happen

Since I first drove a Tesla Model S back in June, it’s been really difficult to think about anything else.  I’m ‘driven’ to get one.  I HAVE to have it.
Some time back, I realized that Internet Marketers can make things happen.  They can help people create businesses and products that will change people’s lives.  Internet Marketers have ways to reach a lot of people, as in A LOT.  Combine the power of blogging, podcasting, YouTube videos, webinars, books, speaking, events and networking and the reach of the top internet marketers is truly amazing.  Many have worldwide audiences.
What’s more is that they have a huge amount of knowledge and experience – and many of them are willing to share it.  My thought is that those who do should be rewarded for it.
I’m going to be sending the following letter out to a hand picked list of Internet Marketers who I think should be included?  What do you think?  Do you know of any Internet Marketing All-Stars who should be included?
Dear Internet Marketing Rockstar:
Your time is valuable so I will keep this as brief as possible This letter comes with an opportunity to reach a lot of people not in your current sphere of influence, make some money – and have a Tesla Model S delivered to your home for you to drive for a week FREE.
I know you as an Internet Marketing Rockstar who has a good reach and a lot of great knowledge to share.  I want you to be part of my upcoming book tentatively entitled ‘The Rockstars of Internet Marketing’.  This book will include chapters by 15-20 of the world’s most knowledgeable internet marketers sharing their story and their biggest secrets on how anyone can create an income online.
If you choose to participate by contributing your story and a chapter of your best top level ideas on your chosen subject of expertise, you will be encouraged to include your bio, and links to your sites and programs which will lead to more sales and money in your pocket.  You will able be able to join the special authors affiliate program for the book, where contributing writers will earn 60% of all their affiliate sales.
This book will initially be sold as an ebook, but will also be printed as a softcover book as well.  As a special gift to you as a contributing author, I will send you 10 copies of the printed book for free to do with whatever you like – use them as business cards, sell them, whatever you choose!
As soon as you reach affiliate sales of 500 units, you will be put on the schedule to have a Tesla Model S delivered to you anywhere in the US for you to drive for a week at no cost.  If you have not yet driven a Tesla, it will be an experience you will not forget.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you want to be included in ‘The Rockstars of Internet Marketing’.  We have a submission target date of November 1, so that the book can be completed and on the market by Thanksgiving.
I would really be thrilled to be able to include you in this book – and look forward to personally delivering you a Tesla Model S for a week!
Joe Tesla Kennedy

If you can suggest any of your cohorts, cronies or business partners who are internet marketing rockstars and should be included in this book, I’d love to hear about them.
BTW – You probably don’t know me, but I’m sure you’ve figured out that I am compiling this book to get a Tesla Model S and I want to share this experience with you and the world.

If you have 39 seconds to watch a video showing why I have to have it.
I'm Getting A Tesla Steve Lough

Two Screams to 60mph – A Tesla Roadster Test Drive

Today I went to the Drive Electric Week event at XXX Rootbeer in Issaquah, Washington.  It was a great event, with lots of different electric vehicles – including a few Tesla Roadsters – and Model S.  While there I met Steven Lough, President Emeritus of the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association.  Steven told me about this video of him test driving a Tesla Roadster in a parking lot here in Bellevue (it looks like the old K-Mart lot which is now home to LA Fitness and Walmart).  Fun video, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of driving a Tesla Roadster, but the video reminds me of Kids Having Fun in a Tesla.

I'm Getting A Tesla Model Software Tesla

Tesla Motors Announces Software v6.0 for the Model S

In a blog post on the official Tesla blog at, Tesla has announced the release of their Software v6.0 for the Model S.  Some model S owners have already reported receiving the software update.
The Software v6.0 update introduces traffic-based navigation and commute advice, provides an in-car view of daily schedules, enables location-based air suspension settings, and allows owners to name their Model S and start it remotely using their mobile phone.
The new features included in v6.0 are:
Traffic-Based Navigation (BETA)
The Model S navigation system will be a lot smarter. Navigation will now provide route suggestions based on real-time traffic and calculate estimated travel times accordingly. It will also update dynamically as traffic conditions change throughout your trip. This feature will also take into account traffic data shared by other Tesla vehicles on the road.
Commute Advice
Navigation isn’t particularly useful when commuting between home and work because most of us usually know the way. But if traffic has an effect on a typical route, it’s helpful to know in advance. Now, Model S will monitor traffic before you even start your weekday commute and alert you with a pop-up message on the 17-inch touchscreen when a faster route is available.
Calendar (BETA)
Model S will synch with your smartphone to bring you a large in-car view of your daily schedule. If you’ve already set locations for particular events, you don’t have to worry about re-entering the details into your car’s navigation system. Instead, you can just tap on the event in your calendar to bring up route directions.
Remote Start
You will have the ability to start your Model S using only your smartphone. This function, which is particularly useful if you forget your key fob, will be accessible through the Tesla mobile app and requires you to input your password for each use.
Location-Based Air Suspension
If you regularly drive on roads or driveways that require higher than normal clearance, your Model S will remember where you previously selected high ride heights and automatically adjust the air suspension at those locations. This feature will be especially handy for people who have steep driveways. (Model S must be equipped with air suspension for this function to work.)
Name Your Car
You can now make your Model S nickname official. The car’s name will appear in the Tesla mobile app and in the About Your Tesla section on the touchscreen.  I’m still not sure what I will call my Model S when I get it, but am thinking ‘Manifestation’ or simply “Joe Tesla”.
Power Management Options
A new power management option will put Model S into energy saving mode at night to help maximize available energy. There’ll also be an option that allows the Tesla mobile app to always connect immediately to the car, while still saving power.
This software update represents Tesla’s commitment to improving Model S for customers even long after it has left the assembly line. With each update, Model S becomes more attuned and responsive to its owner’s needs without requiring excessive user input. Tesla Motors will continuously fine-tune the software and work on new features in response to customer feedback.
I'm Getting A Tesla Tesla Geneva

Tesla Motors Opens First Showroom and Service Center in Geneva

Tesla Motors has opened their third service center and showroom in Switzerland, with their new design center in Geneva.  Tesla improves their dedication to the Swiss market, where they had previously opened showrooms in Zurich and Basel.
According to an article at the new Tesla facility is a full showroom connected to the service center with the Tesla Design Studio, where customers can configure their Model S. The 1,300 square meter facility is located in the Satigny Business Park in West Geneva, which is close to the airport, the A1 highway and the French border, convenient to customers in Greater Geneva, Western Switzerland, and France.
The service center in Geneva once again underlines Tesla’s commitment to the Swiss market. In addition to the new facility in Geneva, Tesla’s customer coverage includes regions such as Zurich, Basel, Bern, Zug, Eastern Switzerland, and, soon, the Ticino.
“Until now, our customers in West Switzerland had to go to Zurich or Basel to enjoy our store and service concept. This over recent years required a lot of dedication and understanding,” said Jochen Rudat, Country Director Tesla Switzerland. “We want to thank our customers and fans in Switzerland and reward this dedication with its own service center and showroom in Geneva.”