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Kevin Michaluk World’s Greatest Gadget Reviewer Takes Delivery of Tesla Model S P85D, Starts Ongoing Review on YouTube

Kevin Michaluk, aka ‘KM’ or ‘Crackberry Kevin’ who calls himself the ‘World’s Greatest Gadget Reviewer’ recently took delivery of his Tesla Model S P85D and started on ongoing Tesla Review on his on YouTube channel.

I’m really looking forward to his ongoing views of what it is like to own and drive a Tesla – especially the Model S P85D.  No word yet if he went with Insane Mode or Ludicrous Mode.

Check out the video and subscribe to Kevin Michaluk on YouTube.  While you are there, subscribe to Joe Kennedy on YouTube too!  (I’ve got 937 subscribers as of today and am trying to get to 1000 by the end of the summer – preferably before August.  I’m in a contest with my fiance and her son – and I just HAVE TO WIN.

By Joe Tesla Kennedy

Still a future Tesla owner - like millions of other people - but I am super passionate about Teslas.

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