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Our Visit to Tesla Motors Hawaii Showroom and Service Center

Yesterday we visited Tesla Motor’s Hawaii showroom and service center in anticipation of Tesla’s big announcement about the Model S P85D.
We were fortunate enough to meet Tesla’s Hawaii Sales Manager Susan McHenry, who was kind enough to show us around, show us the Model S P85 they had on the showroom floor and talk to us about many things Tesla.
Although Susan did not yet have details on what the announcement would be, we were excited to hear any and all things she could share with us about Tesla Motors and Tesla Hawaii.
Mahalo for your time yesterday Susan – I hope that we can keep in touch.
(hopefully I will be able to dig up the photos, but they disappeared after my Tesla wordpress site was hacked.)

By Joe Tesla Kennedy

Still a future Tesla owner - like millions of other people - but I am super passionate about Teslas.

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