Manifesting a Tesla to Help Promote Electric Vehicles

Tesla Motors, EV Industry to Benefit from $1.3 Billion Tax Incentive Package Signed into Law by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval

This is going to be HUGE for the state of Nevada, Tesla Motors and the entire electric vehicle industry.  It will surely help Tesla Motors and Elon Musk continue to change the world and help make our planet more sustainable. Congratulations to the state of Nevada, Tesla Motors and kudos to Governor Sandoval for having… Continue Reading

Tesla Motors Picks Nevada for New Battery GigaFactory

Governor Brian Sandoval and Elon Musk, Chairman and CEO of Tesla Motors, announced today that Nevada has been selected as the official site for the Tesla Gigafactory. “This is great news for Nevada. Tesla will build the world’s largest and most advanced battery factory in Nevada which means nearly one hundred billion dollars in economic… Continue Reading

Do EMFs from Teslas and Other Electric Vehicles Pose a Health Risk?

Do EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) in Teslas and other electric vehicles pose a health risk to owners of these vehicles?  An article at the Daily Mail says that experts have dismissed the risk from EMFs in electric cars, but is there something there? WHAT ARE THE SAFETY CONCERNS SURROUNDING ELECTRIC CARS? The flow of electrical current to… Continue Reading

Canada’s Globe and Mail Journalist Peter Cheney Touring Model S from San Diego to Whistler

Peter Cheney on day one of his journey in Torrey Pines State Park near La Jolla, California.(Marian Cheney for The Globe and Mail) Peter Cheney, a journalist with Canada’s Globe Drive (auto) section of the Globe and Mail is in the midst of a tour in a Model S from San Diego (my former home) to… Continue Reading