First Tesla Post on Blogger

I started the blog I’m Getting a Tesla about a year ago now and really love writing on it – although I haven’t done much writing there lately because all of my sites have been attacked by hackers.  It really sucks – sucks time, sucks money and worst of all it sucks A LOT of energy.

Since I have continually been screwed up by the hack attack on many different servers, I’m toying with the idea of moving ALL (at least most) of my blogs here to Google.

Afterall, Blogger is owned by Google.  How can I lose?  (Do not answer that and forget that I ever asked).

What Does Elon Musk Say About the Future of Tesla Motors?

People around the world are very interested in the future of Tesla Motors.  It’s sad that so many want to talk Tesla down, when all they are doing is building the world’s best high performance sedan – which just happens to be electric and burns ZERO gasoline with ZERO emissions.  Really all Elon Musk and Tesla Motors are doing is CHANGING THE WORLD – and making it a better place to live.
This is what Elon Musk says about the future of Tesla Motors:  (go Elon go!)
Tesla We Will Not Stop

What Happens When a Tesla Races a Lamborghini? You Might Be Surprised ….

What do you think would happen when a Tesla electric sedan races a Lamborghini sports car?  Just check out this great video from and find out – the results just might surprise you …

This video includes 3 separate races between the $95,000 Tesla Model S P 85 and the $300,000 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale (STS).  For my money, I’d take the Tesla any day – and not have to pay for gas …

SWEET – I’m Getting a Tesla!!!

This is so cool!  It has been two weeks since I first drove the Tesla Model S for a day and wrote a review of it for Bellevue Business Journal and Luxury Fitness Fun.  Since then I have had one proposal for a Tesla Summer Tour 2014 shot down by the Tesla Motors communications department – BUT they just don’t know how powerful I am at manifesting what I want.
So I am working on my next idea to manifest the Tesla that will be in my garage later this year.  This is a pretty lofty goal for someone who doesn’t have an income – but I am dedicated and committed (or should I BE committed?).  I’m thinking about working on a story or book of stories from Tesla owners.  All Tesla owners seem to be more than happy with their vehicles – even those who have crashed them.
Another idea is a crowd funding project to raise the money to make the purchase.  I would just ask everyone on my blogs and news site for a single dollar – and in exchange I would make a video each and every day thanking everyone who contributed – and post a link to their site on this blog.  Would be pretty good publicity and link for $1 wouldn’t it?  I only need 100,000 people to contribute a dollar and I could be there by the end of the summer.  Would you give a dollar?  PLEEEEASE.  I have to have a Tesla ….

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